BEGINNERS GUIDE: How to get a free DOMAINS !


What is the Domain name?

Every time you open a website, you must have seen the domain. The name of the domain name is the name of the website itself. Just like if you have opened the website, you can see it in the address bar of your internet browser So it is a domain name that shows the name of a website. Use our domain name. You can say that with the help of domain, we search any website on the internet. In a way, we can say that any The website is identified with its domain name We can see in the address bar of your browser, which we call the URL (URL - Uniform Resource Locator). This is a DNS (domain name system) through which we can identify a website on the internet if we talk about any website, it is associated with some other IP address (internet protocol) It is auspicious to remember that the DNS name of the DNS was brought to the domain name, which is what we call a domain name.

How does Domain work?

Friends, as we know, our website is associated with an IP address from the internet, which we find it hard to remember and our website is hosted in a server that is stored in an online memory, this server is the domain name of the IP By which point when we enter that domain in the address bar of our web program and scan for it, at that point the space's IP is up to our server and peruse our store information in our server and show us in our prog

What does Top Level Domain mean?

Top Level Domains was started at the beginning of the internet and you take Top Level Domains name, then you can easily rank the website in google or any search engine because people trust these domains and most people. These domains are visited by visiting the website of the same domain. For example:- .com, .in etc.

On the off chance that you need to take an area for your site or blog, at that point, there are a lot of space name suppliers. 

You can enroll your areas with some best spaces suppliers name like:


Steps to create a Domain name:
  1. Go to
  2. Then create a FREENOM account by Sign in with your e-mail.
  3. Then click on Service > Register a New Domain.
  4. Then Find your new domain, eg: Ravitips, and click on Check Availability.
  5. Then choose your domain name, eg: and click on Get It Now!
  6. Then click on Checkout.
  7. Then choose the period for 12 Months and click Continue
  8. Then fill Your Details and click on Complete Order.
  9. Now you have your own Domain name for free.


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