What is a LOGO?

If we talk basically, LOGO is a kind of symbol that is made of text and images. LOGO identifies any brand. LOGO not only recognizes but much more. A good LOGO is the cornerstone of Brand. A Brand's LOGO tells customers what Brand works. What is that brand? And what is the value of that brand?

What is the LOGO's Full Form?

The complete form of LOGO is "Language of Graphics Oriented".

What can LOGO do?

If we go away from Looks and Design, LOGO can do a lot. LOGO gives you a unique mark that separates your brand from other brands. It is very important for everyone's brand and business. When you create or create LOGOs for your brand then at that time you have to see your competitors how their LOGO is, so that you will be able to stand in the competition with them.

Elements of a LOGO in Hindi:


If your logo is in a form then it must be some text in it like you have seen lots of people in which the words are written.

Use of Images:

Many people use images without using text, but the way to use it should be unique as you have seen the logo of NIKE.

Use of Colors:

Color has a big impact, you have to understand your brand and accordingly, choose the colors of the logo.

Steps to create a free LOGO:-
  1. Go the
  2. Then click on New.
  3. Then a popup will appear, "Are you sure want to erase your current drawings?" Click on YES.
  4. Then click on ADD TEXT and enter your LOGO name for eg; Khurapfati Ideas.
  5. Then choose your Font and color of your text as per your choice.
  6. Then click on ADD SYMBOL and choose the symbol as per your choice.
  7. There are also some other features that you can add to your logo such as, you can ADD SHAPE, BUSINESS CARD, or you can upload your own Image.
  8. Then click on SAVE & DOWNLOAD and then enter your Email and click on Save & Download.
  9. Then check your Email and open the mail from "The HOTH Free Logo Maker" and click on it.
  10. Then download the file.
  11. Then extract your file and use the LOGO where you want to.

I hope this will be helpful for you.


  1. Therefore, keeping your branding strong, modern and based over latest trends will not only give your business a competitive edge but will also perform exceptionally to attract more customers to your door and help them to recognize you with to experience similar ambiance.logo design service