How to be Focused while Studing !


Fear of examination?

Many students feel uneasy after thinking about the exam. Many thoughts start moving in the mind, 'Can I answer all the questions?' 'It would have been better if you used to read more'. These thoughts disturb almost every student. A little pressure is helpful for better performance. It releases adrenaline hormones in the body, which keeps the person conscious and focused.
It is natural to have a slight tension or pressure, but excessive panic trouble becomes a problem. This creates a negative circle around the person and then he gets concentrated and understands. It has a bad effect on performance because the student neither focuses on questions nor gives accurate answers. There are many ways to overcome the fear of the exam so that students can do their best.
Before the exam

Take your course time to read and complete his revision at least one day in advance. Tension increases due to continuous reading. There can be different ways of stabilizing the mind and restraining the mind if somebody gets comfortable listening to music, then it can be a good way to do some exercise or to take a bath with a little water. Choose one way to relax for yourself.
Such measures prove to be very beneficial on the day of examination and one day before that. It helps in remembering what you have read and boosts self-confidence. Due to not knowing the path of the Examination Center, it can also cause panic. Collect information about it first and see if it is possible to go there yourself. This will save you from time to time. Read the rules of the examination carefully. Sleep the night before the exam.
  • Remove all distractions-turn off your phone, close the door and turn off the TV.
  • Clean your desk and arrange everything in your room.
  • Don't study for longer than 2 hours at a time.
  • Know at what time of the day you give full attention on the study.
  • Set goals for every time you study.
  • Keep the reason for what you want to study.
  • Know why you want to reach your goals.
  • Note everything that your studying.  
"Study Hard..Do Good..And The..Great Life Will..Follow "

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