IP Webcam App: After downloading this app in the phone, after doing this you will be able to see everything live in your jaw. Through this news, you will get the answer to this question. Just step by step. Just do this job.

You can see any person live on your phone, yes, whichever phone you want to live in, the phone should have a Camera and the Internet. First, install the IP Webcam App on the phone to watch Live. After the app is installed, you just have to make some changes to the settings. To change settings, first, switch to Video Performance Option. Here you will get quality options. Make the quality 100%. After selecting the Video Quality Option, you can set the video resolution to 1280X720.

If your phone does not have trouble getting Internet Slow, you can also format the video to HD (1920X1080). After video quality, below the settings and you will have audio option show, enable it. After you enable this option, the audio can also be heard along with the video. If you want that the phone has this app, do not know if the app is running, then for that, you just have to do a little bit of it, that is to turn on Disable Notification, which is coming under the audio mode.

After clicking on the audio and video quality option, turn on the stream on device boot. The advantage of doing this will be that the app will start automatically whenever the mobile is turned on after the mobile shutdown. After this, go to the bottom and click on the Start server option coming here. There will be a pop up after clicking on this option. It will ask to download a file, click Yes. This file will be automatically installed after downloading

See such video: After app install, open it. On the right side, you will see the action button, click on it. Clicking on the bottom part of the IP option will click on the following options. After clicking on this option, you will get an IP address. Share it on your mail, Whatsapp, etc. After the share, click here on these backgrounds that are coming out of stock IP. After this enter the Google Chrome browser and place this IP in place of the website. Click the JavaScript on the video rendering on the display and then you will be able to see the video coming from mobile directly.

Steps to setup:-

  1. Download and Install IP Webcam on your Android smartphone from Play Store.

  2. Open the IP Webcam.
  3. Now click on Start Server and allow everything.
  4. Now click on How do I connect? > Connect directly.
  5. Now click on I'm using a mobile internet connection.
  6. Now paste the Url in the Chrome browser in the computer that you see in your mobile eg; http://124.456.67.1.8080.
  7. Then, at last, make the setting as Video renderer>Browser and Audio player>Flash.
  8. Now use your Android smartphone as a CCTV camera.

  • Video upload to the Dropbox, SFTP, FTP, and Email using Filoader plugin.
  • Several web renderers to choose from Flash, Javascript or built-in.
  • Video recording in WebM, MOV, MKV, or MPEG4.
  • Audio streaming in wav, opus, and AAC.
  • Motion detection with a sound trigger, Tasker integration.
  • Date, time and battery level video overlay.
  • Sensor Data acquisition with online web graphing.
  • Video chat support.


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