Microsoft Office is also called MS Office. The Microsoft Office is made up of many application software including -MS word, ms excel, MS PowerPoint. This is the most popular of all the software for the computer. It is used to create an office-like spreadsheet or to create a document.

Apart from the work of the office, we can make a Microsoft Office office in a presentation of school work. Apart from this, we can also use Microsoft Office to create a document type spreadsheet.

In today's times, the Microsoft Office has made office and business related postings asanas. Earlier when Microsoft was not in the office, to do all the work of the office large files were required to be made and handle those files is very difficult. But with the arrival of Microsoft Office, all these things have become easier.

MS Word

MS Word is a very important software for Microsoft Office. Due to this software, we can create or write all the documents on our computer. In today's time, everyone is using it. It is extremely easy to use. It comes with a simple user interface. In this, we have given other tools such as font styles and colors or writing in Hindi for our convenience.

MS Excel

MS Excel is also a tool of MS  office. This software is used to create a spreadsheet. With this help, we can keep all important records in computers such as data, account number, phone number etc.

MS PowerPoint

MS Powerpoint is also software of MS office, this software has been very special.You will first find PowerPoint a bit difficult. But if you learn a bit of work in it, then gradually you will start enjoying this software.

How to download Microsoft or MS office?

Microsoft is paid software. That means you have to pay some money to take it or to download it. You can download this by visiting Microsoft's website at But if you've got a laptop with a Windows operating system, you will get it in free.

There is a version available for windows and android for free. You can download it from the Microsoft store or google play store. Please let us know that there is no feature like paid version but this is right for other normal works.

Steps to use MS-OFFICE online:-

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Microsoft account.
  3. Click on the icon for the application you wish to use, such as Word or Excel.
  4. Then select a template to create your document or file. For example; Microsoft Word offers templates for resumes, cover letters, etc.
  5. Word online open for you to start creating your document.
  6. Then click on the File menu, and you can save it and can download the file to your PC.  



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