MOBILE NUMBER PORT: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


Mobile number portability has now increased its scope so far only within the state there was mobile number portability from one network to another, but now you can use any of the country's, You can also go to the adopter port from the corner. Now you can use the same number for the lifetime or the feature is very important for those people who go astray from one city to another due to the change of number all the time, it is not possible to talk to the mobile number today but LPG is added in gas or in many places and repeatedly changing the mobile number everyone has to face a lot of trouble.
In this way, this feature of mobile number portability across the country is very good news.

Eligibility and other Requirement for Porting a Mobile Number:-

  • The subscriber is allowed to move to another mobile service provider only after 90 days of the date of the activation of that mobile connection or from the date of porting of the mobile number, whichever is applicable.
  • The subscriber is allowed to change mobile service provider within the same service area only.
  • If you are Post-paid subscribers, ensure that you have paid all the dues as per your last bill.
  • If you are Pre-paid subscriber, note that the balance amount of talk time, if any, at the time of porting will lapse.

For detailed regulation please visit TRAI website

Steps for Mobile Number Portability (MNP):-

  1. Open your mobile SMS inbox and type -PORT<space>10-digit mobile number and then send it to 1900 (1900 is the TRAI's central number for mobile portability). Example:- PORT 9876542100 to 1900.
  2. Then after some minutes, you will receive a UPC (Unique Porting Code) on your mobile by your telecom network.
  3. Now visit your nearest operator store and notify them you want to port your sim.
  4. Then you have to fill a forum for port into the network and also you have to attach your documents and photo according to the requirement.
  5. Then you have to pay the amount for porting service.
  6. Then the store operator will give you a new sim card and it will take 7 days to port your sim card to the new network.
  7. Now your previous network sim will automatically stop working and then you can use your new sim with the same number.

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