WhatsApp Web is a feature of WhatsApp, under which you can use your WhatsApp account inside your computer or laptop. Simply put, WhatsApp is running on a computer or a laptop etc. WhatsApp is the web.

There is currently no separate version of WhatsApp for computers or laptops created by WhatsApp so you can not use WhatsApp directly in your PC or laptop. In such a way, the WhatsApp Web feature in WhatsApp helps you to use WhatsApp on your PC and through this, you can easily use WhatsApp by adding it to your PC.

This process of running WhatsApp on pc is very easy and you can add WhatsApp directly to a PC without any separate manual settings. Whatsapp running on a PC or laptop is only possible with the WhatsApp web feature. Otherwise, you can not use WhatsApp on your computer pc.

WhatsApp is now available in both your phone and computer due to WhatsApp web feature of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is the extension on your phone's WhatsApp account computer. The messages you send and receive are completely synced to your phone and computer, and you can see those messages on both devices. If you do any work on your phone, then it will also apply to the WhatsApp Web. That is, the opposite of Whatsapp web is also correct. At this time, WhatsApp Web is available only on Android, iPhone 8.1+, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.

WhatsApp Web is not a separate WhatsApp account. When you use WhatsApp on your computer and phone, you can only use one account with two devices (Mobile and PC) simultaneously. So now you have come to understand what Whatsapp is web and what is the feature of WhatsApp web given on WhatsApp. Simply put, with the help of this feature, you can add your WhatsApp account to your computer or PC and then chatting with your friends. This is the WhatsApp web.
The Benefits of Using Whatsapp on the Web

If you have a computer and you want to use WhatsApp on a computer, then there are some advantages for the WhatsApp web feature on WhatsApp. So let's go about some of the benefits of using WhatsApp on the Web -

1) The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp on the web is that you now find a large keyboard for typing during chatting with the help of which you can easily type. Some people use a computer keyboard more and they have trouble typing anything on mobile and they cannot write fast. In this case, this feature proves to be very helpful for those people who prefer typing with computer keyboards. With this, you can easily type anything from the keyboard to chat on your computer.

2) The next big advantage of WhatsApp web is that you do not need any separate software or application to run WhatsApp on your computer or laptop. You can add WhatsApp directly to your computer with the help of this feature.

3) One advantage of the WhatsApp web is that any kind of downloading process is completed quickly because the computer is capable of downloading any video or file faster than mobile.
4) There is no problem with security in the WhatsApp group. You can get people out of your mobile whenever you want it, and delete the data of your WhatsApp account on the computer as you wish. It is completely secure.

5) After connecting to WhatsApp on the web, you can keep your mobile in charging mode and use WhatsApp easily on your computer. Now you will not need your mobile for any activity related to WhatsApp. Now your mobile is totally free.


  1. Go to  from your computer browser.
  2. When prompted with a QR code, use the QR scanner within WhatsApp to scan it.
  3. To do so, open WhatsApp on your phone.
  4. On Android: In the chat screen>Menu>Whatsapp Web.
  5. Scan the QR code on your computer screen with your smartphone.

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