Windows 10 is an operating system. It was created by Microsoft Company. Microsoft had launched Windows 8.1 earlier this Windows. Then Microsoft launched Windows 10, and most people are also using it, Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft in 2015. This is Microsoft's best operating system. Windows10 also includes many new features with the better Start Menu and Task Bar. The Start Button has been re-introduced in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Features
Some of the new features of Windows 10 will also be known to you. Let us know about these features:-

  • Cortana
If you want to open a program or application, or you want to get some information from the internet, with this help you will get the information you just spoke in front of your computer, you can get help from Text and Voice Command from Cortana, To begin this, type Question or Querry Type in the Search Box or select the Microphone icon in the taskbar.

  • Start Menu
Microsoft has given the Start Menu again with a new look in the Desktop's Left Hand Corner, you can also change the color of the Start Menu.

  • Edge Browser
This browser is equipped with the Right On Web feature, so you can save an article on the Web page according to your edit, highlight, and customize.

  • Virtual Desktop
If you use a lot of programs together then it will make your work easier, in case you are working on a desktop and you have a lot of windows open in it you can open another virtual desktop In which you can work on your other projects.

  • Windows App Store
In the Windows Store, the App Store has been given a new look, when you open the App Store, it will open the full screen in a new window and this App Store will be fully User-Friendly.

  • Central Notification Center
Like Apple Os, Android, now in the Windows 10, the Notification List has been given a place in the taskbar, in which all kinds of Notification can be controlled. Just like Mobile, Notification will come in Direct Screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Benefits
After knowing Windows 10  Features, you can now tell about Windows 10 benefits.

  • Device Compatibility
You can also work from one device to another device with this help. It works very fast, in which you do your work in a better way than before.

  • Instant Go
With the help of technology like Instant Go, you can do your work faster.

  • Easy Multitasking
In this, you can work as much as you can together. And if you want more space then create Virtual Desktop and just work on the necessary items.

  • Advance Password Security Options
Windows 10 recognizes your face and your name, meaning you can make your face and name password, in which you will not even need to type Password.

  • Advance Game Options
In Windows 10 you can play Xbox One Game. In it, you use the game DVR feature.

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