What Is STOCK ROM and How Does It Work?

What is a Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is officially System Software which is already inserted by your company in Android Mobile. This is your phone's Original Software. Anything made by the Android Mobile Developer can only be Changes by Company and it reduces the risk of mobile deterioration and error.

Android Lollipop, Android Jelly Bean, Android KitKat, Android Marshmello etc. The version that is prefaced with your mobile is called Stock ROM. This ROM is made by Google Company.

When you buy a new Android phone, the Android Version that your phone receives is called Stock ROM, where Google fixes any errors in it.

What is a custom ROM?

It is completely Customize Operating Software, which develops according to its developer according to its requirements, it is developed according to the user's requirements, it improves the backup of Battery and the performance of the phone.

It is not official software of any kind nor does Google create it, it is created by the third party developer, so they do not claim its security.

Custom ROM installs itself in your mobile and you have to root your phone to install it, this means that the features you now get are customized by all the developers.

Developer changes these operating systems and uploads for downloading on the Internet. After installing Custom ROM, its Errors and Bugs cannot be cured so you will have to install Custom ROM again.

The advantage of the custom ROM is that you can give a new look by changing its mobile to any version of your help when it comes to more version of your mobile, it will support all types of Apps and work faster.

Difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM?

  1. Stock ROM is the original ROM developed by Google while Custom ROM can be made by any developer.
  2. Installing the Stock ROM will keep your mobile warranty while installing the Custom ROM, your mobile warranty ends.
  3. Due to the formation of Stock ROM by Google, we can rely on its security, but Custom ROM is built by the developer, so its security is less confident.
  4. You can not make any changes to the Stock ROM while Custom ROM can customize you according to your requirements.
  5. To install Custom ROM, you have to root your phone while Stock ROM is already installed in your phone.
  6. Stock ROM is completely secure, there is no chance of any error or bug coming in, while Custom ROM can ever get Errors in it, there is a danger of your phone being dead.
  7. The risk of errors in the Stock ROM remains short because Google fixes these errors and then lets you send the update while the developer develops the custom ROM according to its own accord so you can get many errors and bugs, and once you have Errors It cannot be cured after coming.

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