Do you face difficulties in making resumes?

Friends, many of us are still there who have difficulty in making resumes or bio-data before a job. And many others make their resumes by paying out. Technically, what a resume or cv should be, and which ones to put in resume or cv, how to insert, we will try to tell you all this in this article. That is, in this article, we will say how resume format should be.

Canva: Best Online Designing Tool

I will tell you about your favorite designing tool Canva and also I will tell you how to make a great resume through this tool.

The first staircase to get any job is from the resume selection. It is only after being selected that you are called for an interview. Most people use MS Office to create resumes. But in MS Office it is quite difficult to make a resume.

Canva is an amazingly simple designing tool available for free. You can do it on any system i.e. Windows, Apple or Mobile. Very few people know that apart from designing Canva, resumes can also be made and that too in just 10 mins.

Steps To Create Resume Online For Freshers From Website:-

1. First of all, go to from any system i.e, Windows or Mobile.

Here you can see a Canva logo and from this website, you can Design Anything and can Publish Anywhere.

2. Signup to, and it is absolutely free.

Here you have to Create an account in this website by Sign up with Facebook, Google or by your email.

3. Then Logged in into the Canva account.

Hereafter Login to the Canva you will able to see Create a Design button.

4. Click on Create a Design or you can Simply "Search" Option on the Right-hand side.

Now by Clicking on Create a Design, a lot of  Design appear with different categories such as;  Facebook cover design, Resume design, Birthday invitation card design etc.

5. Click on Resume.

Here when you click on Resume you will redirect to the new tab where you can get a huge number of templates for the resume. In it, you can find a nice template by searching resume, college resume, professional software engineer resume, etc and edit it and create resumes you want.

6. Choose your Resume Template which you like the most.

7. Fill the Complete information according to your Identities and qualifications.

Here you have to fill the information like name, qualifications, experiences, hobbies etc

8. Then Click on Dropdown Arrow which is on the left-hand upper side.

9. Click on Download where your resume will be downloaded in PDF format.

Canva is also available in the Android Google Play Store. You can also use it on your mobile by simply downloading the software from your Google Play Store. 

Steps To Create Resume Online For Freshers From Android Application:-

1. Download and Install "Canva" from your Google Play Store on your smartphone.
2. Then Continue with your Facebook, Google or email.
3. Click on Search.
4. Then you have to type Resume in search of resume templates.
5. Select any Template in which you want to make your resume.
6. Fill the Information and Qualifications.
7. Then click on the Arrow which is on the top right bar to download the resume.
8. Now the file is downloaded in your Gallery.



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