How to Compress Large Video Files without Losing Quality?

It is very important to have this information to become a successful Youtuber about what we are going to tell you today. You make videos, add effects, background music, and even use animations. But when you upload the video to YouTube, it will be time-consuming. One hour, two hours, or maybe half a day can be spent just before uploading the video.

After uploading a video, your data pack will also be empty. Now that we are going to tell you the mantra, it will make the Permanent Solution of your uploading problem. Your video will be uploaded in minutes and the data will also be marginally spent. You will have so much data left that you will be able to download a movie.

It is possible to Compress Large Video Files without Losing Quality?

Yes, We are going to teach you to compress the video, that too without losing quality. To say that the quality of the picture will be the same, but this place will take a lot less. You will also take less space on YouTube and also on your computer. So let's learn the quality of compressing the video.

HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder!

All your problems are solved in software called Handbrake. HandBrake an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video Transcoder. With the use of this software, you can easily compress or reduce the size of the video without losing quality.

Steps To Compress Large Video:-

1. Go to and search for HandBrake software.

2. At the top, you will find this software. You will find the Download option for Windows on the main page. You can click in it.

This is where you will get other platform options too. Clicking this will take you to the next page. Here are the names of the other platforms, including the MacBook. You can download it.

3. After downloading, you will open it, you will get the Source option at the top. The folder and file section will open once you click on it.
Click wherever you have to place your video. Suppose you have saved the video in the file, then open the file. If the folder has been created for it, then open it.

4. As soon as you open it, it will be imported into HandBrake software. You will find the video title written above. In addition, the size and time of the video will also be shown.

5. You will get its destination right upwards. That means where you want to save the video. As soon as the destination will open the new page you can write the new name of the file.

6. In the right side, you will find the presets written. You can select your device by going into it.
Here you will find Windows, Android and iPhone options. You can also set presets according to your own.
Here I will suggest you to select Normal.

7. Now you have to go to the output container. Here, you have to set up MP4. Here you will get the option of web optimization. You have to mark it. From this, the size will be set according to the web. There is also a cropping option here. In this, you will add all the value to 0. If not, the video will crop.

8. After this, you click the video section. The properties below will appear. In this, you select the video codec on H.264.

9. Go to the section of the quality. You make the quality at 20. This will not make a difference in the quality of the video.

10. Here you will find a panel to control the quality of audio. You make it 128. The effect will be on the size of the video.

11. After this, you click on the add and give the name of the file. The settings will have defaulted on the add. You can also preview the quality. In it, you go and set the timing to see the preview. Look at the preview for 10 seconds. You will find that there is no special difference in quality.

We advise you to preview the video before compressing it. If you follow the settings we have explained, then you will find that the quality of the video has not changed.

12. After watching the preview, go upstairs. You will notice the start of the green color. When clicking on it, there will be a red color stop on the screen. It is important that the video has started to be compressed. You will also see a meter below.

After compression of the video, it will be saved on where you have chosen it.

You can easily share videos of this size through WhatsApp and also upload to Facebook. Your time and data will also survive. It will also be easily uploaded on your YouTube channel.

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