Do you want to get more traffic in your Youtube Videos or Blog post?

If yes, then you are reading a very useful article which will help you in increasing your traffic in Youtube videos or Blog post. 

Pinterest is the best platform to boost your traffic in youtube videos and Blog post. From Pinterest, you can get Thousands and Millions of traffic. People from all over the world use Pinterest to see or share interesting photos. You just have to share your Blog post photos and Youtube thumbnail with the Link attached in it. When the people will click on your photos it will redirect to your Website or Youtube.
What is Pinterest? Uses of Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

This is a free website, which requires registration. In this, the user can upload pictures of his choice and also classify it. This is called pins. This is a kind of personal media platform. The user can easily browse other people according to their liking. After that, he can pin the pictures of his choice using the 'Pin It' option on his board. Sharing these with different members eventually brings 'pin feeds'. All the members have their own pin feeds.

The things uploaded in Pinterest are also found outside it. The link can be bookmarked, which can be seen later when the mind is open. Apart from this, pictures of Pinterest or other things can be easily emailed to someone else. There are also some other websites that give the choice of pin brick. Photos from there can also be shared on Pinterest. The most important thing about Pinterest is that it can replace the words with the help of photos.

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How to create an account on Pinterest?

Creating an account on Pinterest is very easy. You can simply create from your PC or smartphone. You just have to follow the following steps. So, let get started.

Steps to create an account on Pinterest:-

The following methods can be adapted to create an account in this:-
  1. First, go to, there are three options to sign up, sign up with Facebook or Google or simply by your Email Id.
  2. Without creating a Facebook or Google Pinterest account, Pinterest would like to signup your email address. From there the user's email opens and the message sent by Pinterest comes in the email's inbox. There will be a link on it, clicking on it becomes an account.
  3. Now you will jump to the next page where you will have to fill your Name, Age, and Gender.
  4. Then you will get this Get your handy browser button, click on get it now.
  5. Now you have to pick 5 categories in which you are interested in.
You have successfully created an account on Pinterest.
Now you will see 3 dots on the Right-hand upper side, just click on it and go to Edit setting and fill your information.

In this way, a unique social site can be connected to Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is used in many ways. Using Pinterest is very easy you just have to make a Board and pin your interesting photos.
Now we will let you know how to pin photo in your Pinterest account. To Pin anything, first, we have to make a Board in which you can pin your photos. So let's learn how to make a Pinboard and pin photos.


  1. To create a Board, first, open your Profile Page by clicking on your name in the top right side above.
  2. Tap on the icon of the above (+) inside the profile and click on Create Board.
  3. Then enter your Name and in Secret make it No.
  4. Then Click on Create Pin.
  5. Here enter you Title, add Picture, Description and the URL of your website(if any).
Your Pin is created in your Board. You can also pin other photos in your board. Just search which type of photo you want to pin and when the image appears just click on it and click Save Pin.

Uses of Pinterest

You can earn money from Pinterest in many ways, if you want to earn money from Pinterest then we will let you know about it.
You can also earn money from Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing; Many companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal run their Affiliate Program. You can join their program by going to their website and then whatever Affiliate Product has to sell to you You can share Affiliate Link with that photo so that anyone who buys something by visiting your website, you will also get the benefit of it.
If you are a Business Men and Sell Online Product, then you can share your Product link in Pinterest, so whenever someone sees your post, it will click on the photo and come to your website and if he likes your product then buy it Could.
If you are a blogger then you can share the photos of your blog on Pinterest as well as add a link to your blog so that whenever a person will see your post, then click on your photo and it will redirect to your website. So, with the increase in traffic in your blog there is a huge possibility of click on ads and you can earn money from it.


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