Royalty Free Background Music For YouTube Videos : No Copyright!

Do you need Copyright Free Music for your YouTube Videos?

If you have a YouTube Channel, then you always have the problem of background music to use in your video. And you often want to know "How we can get YouTube Background Music for Free?"
Royalty Free Background Music For YouTube Videos : No Copyright!
So today I'm going to tell you about the Best Method to Download YouTube Background Music, where you will find all kinds of background music. If you want to download free background music for youtube, then this article will help you a lot.

No Copyright Free Background Music:

As you know you can download Background Music from anywhere, but as you know about YouTube Community Guidelines. Under this Guidelines, a copyright strike may occur on your channel when someone else's music or song is used without their permission in your video. And ultimately your youtube channel may be terminated. Because of this, whatever background music you are using in your YouTube video, keep in mind that it is no copyright music. Otherwise, a strike may also come on your channel.
Royalty Free Background Music For YouTube Videos : No Copyright!

YouTube Background Music Audio Library:

If you don't know about this, then let me tell you that YouTube has provided an Audio Library itself to help YouTubers where a very large collection of YouTube Background Music is stored in itself. Feel free to use any song or music contained in the YouTube Audio Library in your video. These are all No Copyright Background Music, which will not cause any problems on your channel.

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Steps to Open YouTube Audio Library:

  • First, you have to sign in to your YouTube ID by visiting, which is linked to your YouTube channel.
  • In the Right-side you will see your channel logo at the top, click on it after clicking on it, click on Youtube Studio (Beta).
  • Now your Youtube Channel Dashboard is open, on the Left Side you see some option like Videos, Analytics, etc just scroll down and click on Other features > Audio Library.
  • From here you can download Free music and sound effects for your YouTube Channel Videos. 

NCS Background Music:

It's not that you can download Music only from YouTube Audio Library for YouTube Video of Background Music. You can get royalty free background music from many more such places. Even using them will not cause any strikes on your YouTube channel. Similar there is a channel providing a popular YouTube Background Music, NCS i.e. No Copyright Sounds. Even here you will find great background music tracks, which you will not find anywhere else.

Now if your question is that "How we can download NCS YouTube Background Music"? You can also download background music from their YouTube channel or NCS official website. But, there is a condition in it that the NCS background music you are putting in your video should be given credit by you in your video description.

On the other hand, you do not need to provide any reference link to use YouTube Background Music taken from the YouTube Audio Library. But, this is mandatory in NCS Music. If you do not do this, you will get a copyright strike with the NCS. For this reason, you should tie the knot and keep it.

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Top 5 Website To Download Royalty Free Music:

Here are some the best website where you can download Royalty Free i.e., No copyright Music. You can download music from these websites and can use them in your youtube videos. In some of these websites, attributions are required to make sure just read there condition before using it.


This is just a few Easy Methods to  Download Free Background Music for YouTube videos I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about Free Background Music for YouTube then please comment below.

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